• STARTED SEWING WHEN SHE WAS EIGHT after her grandmother on her dad's side bought her a sewing machine for her birthday. she went on a sewing frenzy, starting with simple things like stitching patches of cloth together to make a "blanket" then started stitching up her torn stuffed animals, working her way to making pillows, then her own plushies. when she was twelve she made her first dress and things just kept on from there. after so long, it finally hit her that maybe there was more to this than she just liked to play with the sewing machine from time to time and started looking into fashion and design careers. however, after attending her first convention at fourteen...things changed. she met cosplayers and saw how much fun it could be.

  • SHE HAS HER OWN TWITCH STREAM CHANNEL that she started when she started getting really into cosplaying. she decided to film herself and stream when she'd work on costumes. giving people the opportunity to watch her from start to finish with a costume to show how much work goes into actual cosplaying. every once in a while she'll actually use her twitch channel to stream video games. usually overwatch, destiny and lately dead by daylight (the last one usually an hour long of her screaming "don't kill me" in various languages)

  • HER FIRST COSPLAY COSTUME was sailor neptune. the costume was not the greatest but for her first piece of cosplay work, she's always been proud of it. she's cosplayed 75% of the sailor moon characters, danganronpa, overwatch characters, various disney characters and princesses, all the girls from madoka magica, human versions of my little ponies because of equestria girls with a few of her cosplay friends. she has an entire room in her apartment dedicated to her cosplay; in that room a station for sewing/filming, photo corner with green screen for modeling her pieces, even a giant beanbag that she occasionally face plants into when she needs to rage quit on a piece for a little bit.

    passion fruit. watching reruns of friends and the office. her wonder woman pajamas and her harley quinn onesie. stardew valley. game of thrones. anime and manga. playing with makeup. cold weather. halloween. hocus pocus. slime rancher. overwatch. piling up with a good book. marathon playing a pokemon game. eevee and all the eeveelutions. beach trips.

    when people try cleaning her sewing room. commercials.

  • honestly...things will get added here constantly.